Monday, March 26, 2012

Abrupt Ending

Dear Readers, 

Well, I think it's finally time for me to announce that I can no longer continue with this legacy. D:
I'm no longer excited to play the Vistas, and I just don't want to have to force myself to put out updates.
And rather than continuously saying that an update is nearing, I just figured I should say goodbye to this story.
Thank you guys for your incredible support, though! Even though their were only a handful of you who read this, I truly appreciate it. 
Maybe one day I'll start up another legacy or something - who knows! :3
And for those of you curious as to the rest of Generation 2's plot, here it is:
As many of you predicted, Amanda and Brian were going to start dating. The teasing of Bee and Aiden continued to worsen.
One day, Amanda walked into Aiden's bedroom, finding him in the process of committing suicide. Thankfully, she was able to save her brother.
This marks the turning point in the story, as Amanda finally realizes the severity of the pain she's been inflicting. Her and Brian do continue to date, although the teasing does stop. However, the night of Senior prom, Brian takes advantage of Amanda, and a few weeks later she discovers she's pregnant. After graduation, the two move out together and Amanda feels that things may actually be looking up for her (her family surprisngly wasn't [i]too[/i] angered by her pregnancy). Brian stays with Amanda throughout the pregnancy, but after the birth of their child he realizes that he's made a huge mistake. He flees the hospital, and it's the last Amanda ever sees of him.
Amanda then gets involved with Politics, one of her main promises being to enforce stricter rules regarding bullying.
And that's all I had planned out - I had no idea who her second baby daddy was going to be.

Well, see you guys around! Thanks again for your support! <3


  1. i cant believe it i was enjoying the legacy so much :(